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Early Childhood

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Sprout Kids Academy follows the adult-to-child ratios set forth by the Department of Human Services. 

Enrollment data varies frequently, please call to confirm availability.  (319) 545-5437

Voluntary Preschool Program

Image by Aaron Burden

Sprout Kids Academy has joined with the Clear Creek Amana School District to participate as a "Community Partner" in the Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program (VPP). This program is an educational program sponsored by the State of Iowa designed to provide an opportunity for young children to enter kindergarten ready to learn.  Eligible children must be residents of Iowa and be four (4) years of age on or before September 15th.  You can begin the registration/admission process into the Voluntary Preschool Program by filling out the preschool registration form on the Clear Creek Amana School District website.  (Make sure you list "Sprout" as your first choice.) The Voluntary Preschool Program's in-session dates (and no school days) follow the Clear Creek Amana School District calendar.

The Voluntary Preschool Program provides eligible children 10 hours per week of quality preschool instruction at no cost to parents. Parents do have the option for their child to receive care and instruction at Sprout Kids Academy beyond the 10 hours provided by the State for a fee.  Sprout Kids Academy opens at 6:15am and closes at 6:00pm and can provide the care you need within those hours including spring break and winter break.


Click on the "Sprout Preschool FAQs" button below for a description of what additional care options are offered. The fee for each level of care can be found on the current rate sheet located on the "Parent Info" tab of the Sprout Kids Academy website.  If you have any other questions we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to call us at (319) 545-5437.

If you are already enrolled in the Voluntary Preschool Program at Sprout Kids Academy please click on the "Preschool" tab of our website and enter the preschool password to gain access to class information,  learning targets and updates.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use t​o change the world." 
Nelson Mandela

Sprout Kids Academy is committed to providing your child with quality early childhood programming. All of our classrooms, including the infant rooms, utilize curriculums that incorporate the latest research and best practices into developmentally-appropriate materials and take the needs of every type of learner into account. Activities are designed to promote positive self-esteem, communication skills, creative expression, and problem-solving. 

In addition to providing learning materials, the curriculums we use offer a clear and effective way to assess the progress of children. The ongoing assessment of children is the key to planning appropriate learning experiences and helping all children succeed. At multiple times throughout the year, every child at Sprout Kids Academy will be assessed. Assessment results will then be used to modify programming and allow caregivers to focus their efforts on what is most important for each child's learning and development.


Curriculums currently utilized by Sprout Kids Academy include: 

  • Creative Curriculum

  • Applebaum Training Institute Curriculums

  • Read-It-Again

  • Jolly Phonics

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Second Step

  • LEAP




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